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Artsy experiences


Meet with your team for a unique experience with an artist

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✏️ All activities can be tailored and compiled with other experiences from the catalog.



Moroccan calligraphy with Hafida

An online workshop that will delight lovers of handwritten arts and calligraphy.


Hafida takes you into her world in Marrakech. During her workshop, she will introduce you to the basics of Moroccan calligraphy.


Develop and test the creativity of your teams!

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Painting workshop with North African artist Mejda

Mejda takes you into her artistic universe with multiple influences: a fusion between the patterns and architectural elements of Algiers and modernism painting style.


During this experience, your team will create a unique visual work of its kind and familiarize themselves with a highly symbolic architectural element in Algiers: the horseshoe arch (Qwass).



The art of Berber horse training with Sadek

Sadek's love for horses goes back as far as he can remember. 


Sadek now has 4 berber horses. Accomplices with whom he has worked all over the world for several years, in exceptional shows imbued with poetry and elegance.


An exceptional demonstration of this beautiful art!

Technology to support authentic interactions and experiences

Connect to the platform of your choice (Google meet, Zoom, Teams ...) for a live event.

Communication and interaction tools to promote exchanges between colleagues.

Interaction tools in image and sound for a complete immersion of your teams.

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